boyscout designer devides the work in two parts. Interventions and commissioned interventions.



A BOYSCOUT DESIGNER works private and public.



Brings his personal inside to the outside. Is not afraid of challenges, is able to share his thoughts and collaborates on designs. Involves private and social topics in his designs.


A BOYSCOUT DESIGNER is pushing limits. Has a curious attitude and is open to learning, especially on unknown terrain. Sees a challenge as a source of motivation. xplores and pushes his limits. Is open to learn new skills and knowledge. ushes for the best and knows how to motivate others around him. Tries to visualize both the limits and borders he struggles with.





COMMISSIoned interventions

Collective GroenGrijsGeel X SPARK

Location: Woonboulevard Den Bosch

Collective GroenGrijsGeel X Gemeente Veldhoven

Location: Veldhoven

Boyscout Designer X #VIRALVANDALS

Location: Mu-artspace Eindhoven

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